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Ace Fleet Services Incorporated is a fast rising service provider in the area of highway trucking and general logistics. With a reputation for providing outstanding quality and worry-free services to our customer base, we continue to grow into the African, Caribbean and South American, and Canadian regions. Ace Fleet Services is committed to working with established quality processes and procedures that ensure that we provide customers with the most reliable freight forwarding service experience with emphasis on dependability and guaranteed satisfaction.

We maintain a very young fleet to ensure the highest levels of reliability and safety. We are strategic business partners to Crew Chief and Calmont Volvo where we source all of our trucks.

Our drivers are all very experienced very well motivated and We keep them alcohol and drug free with regular checks and tests. Our safety record is excellent.

Partner with us today and let us collaborate with you in redefining excellent and safe service delivery.

We get your goods and products where you want, when you want it it and how you want it.

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